A Dad And His Kids Happily Play Video Games Together. They Have To.

This is an image of a happy family; a father and his two adorable children bonding over a video game. It's a stock photo, of course. Their excitement is fake, their game controllers disconnected. It's cheap theater, but I have to believe that somewhere in the country a genuine version of this scene is playing out — I… »4/19/14 6:00pm4/19/14 6:00pm

Two-Thirds of Parents Admit They Don't Bother Checking Video Game Age Ratings

The ESRB has a fairly detailed and complex system that determines what games are marked kid-safe and which are considered appropriate for adults' eyes only. All major publishers participate in the voluntary rating system, and it is instrumental in physical, retail game sales in stores like GameStop and Walmart. »4/13/12 11:30am4/13/12 11:30am