Report: How Japanese Women Tell If Male Co-Workers Are Totally Unpopular

Are you a working dude? A popular working dude? If not, you might be giving off telltale signs to your female colleagues that you are not popular. Japanese research website Otome Sugoren » 11/23/12 7:00am 11/23/12 7:00am (via ) regularly polls its women readers and has come up with the seven most popular ways women (in Japan, at least) know that a…

Chun-Li Gets Her Own Game! Oh, It's Pachislot

Street Fighter » 9/08/08 8:40pm 9/08/08 8:40pm mainstay Chun-Li is getting her own pachislot game, courtesy of manufacturer Enterrise and it's... well, it's pachislot, so I'm genetically incapable of being excited about the prospect of such a thing. The game looks to feature Chun-Li in various mission-based situations, presumably all of which can be…

Resident Evil Pachinko Shows More Than Jill Sandwiches

In Japan, it's pretty common for video games to have pachinko machines. Heck! Movies, anime and manga character even get pachinko machines based on them. It's not just spinning metal balls! New pachinko machines even feature large LCD-type displays to keep players engaged. Pachinko maker Yamasa's Resident Evil machine… » 6/27/08 7:00am 6/27/08 7:00am

Square Enix Crushes Final Fantasy XIII Pachinko Rumors

In Japan, lots of video games get turned into pachinko or pachislot machines. No biggie! SNK, Sega and Konami have all spun off selected titles into pachinko parlors across the country. So when a rumor popped up that Square Enix was doing the same for Final Fantasy XIII, it did seem possible that, yes, Japan would be… » 6/20/08 5:00am 6/20/08 5:00am