The Best Celebrity Appearances in Video Games

Now that we had the Oscars last night, it is time to gather a list of games that enhanced their storytelling by featuring real-life actors, actresses and other celebrities—not just as voice actors, but sometimes even as the main characters. » 2/25/13 5:00pm 2/25/13 5:00pm

Ozzy Makes Rock Band DLC Debut Next Week

Ozzy Osbourne makes his Rock Band debut next week, a before his next album releases. Three tracks from Osbourne's Scream join three classics for a total of 6, because that's 1/111th of the Number of the Beast. » 6/07/10 7:20pm 6/07/10 7:20pm

Ozzy Tells Kotaku of His Secret Video Game Addiction

During our post-BlizzCon interview with Ozzy Osbourne, the rock legend revealed that he had once been addicted to a video game. Help us figure out which game that was. » 8/24/09 2:00pm 8/24/09 2:00pm

BlizzCon 2009 Comes To An End

BlizzCon 2009 has come to a close, but our coverage will continue well into Monday, with interviews, hands-on impressions, pictures of stuff, and something very special from the man in this picture. » 8/23/09 2:00am 8/23/09 2:00am

Ozzy Osbourne to Headline BlizzCon Concert

The Prince of Darkness, and World of Warcraft spokesman, Ozzy Osbourne will be headlining the closing concert at this year's BlizzCon, Activision announced today. » 8/11/09 9:25am 8/11/09 9:25am

Brütal Legend's Filters Allows Families to Enjoy M-Rated Game

Reading this interview with Tim Schafer, I'm taken back to the first R-rated movie I saw with permission. Dad took me and Fletch to see Beverly Hills Cop in 1984. I was 11. » 7/30/09 10:00pm 7/30/09 10:00pm

Ozzy Returns To Guitar Hero, Brings Zakk Wylde With Him

Activision are intent on luring as many "big name" rock stars to the Guitar Hero brand as possible. Ozzy Osbourne, failing mind aside, is a big name rock star, and a Guitar Hero veteran to boot, providing perhaps the series' finest » 8/08/08 1:30am 8/08/08 1:30am moment with Bark At The Moon. So it should be little surprise to hear that the…