​A Future Where the Worst Nightmares About Video Games Are True

You hear the scare-logic all the time from folks who want to blame video games for bad stuff: they're just training simulations for how to hurt people. A new sci-fi film project riffs on that premise and places it in a future where all you need to do to play an online game is stick a giant network wire on the back of… » 3/06/14 3:00pm 3/06/14 3:00pm

Dialogue? In my rabbit brawler? Overgrowth's latest alpha update vid details the new dialogue system prototype, which shows what creating new levels and scenarios will look like once the game is out. Lots of technical stuff, but there's a little bit of rabbits beating each other to pulp for all to enjoy. » 11/11/13 6:30am 11/11/13 6:30am

Apparently Rabbits Are Ridiculously Good At Spear-Throwing

And spear-stabbing. And martial arts too, of course. Wolfire Games is here with another installment of their calmly-narrated humanoid animal violence-themed videos, showcasing the absolutely phenomenal combat system behind Overgrowth, their upcoming PC third-person brawler. » 9/17/13 7:00am 9/17/13 7:00am

After 200 Alpha Builds, Overgrowth is Still All About Rabbit Violence

That's gorgeously animated rabbit violence, mind you. Indie PC beat-em-up Overgrowth sure is coming along nicely, having just received a video for its two hundredth alpha build, detailing the latest developments in lagomorph brawling and swordfighting. As usual, pre-order customers are free to give the build a try. » 7/26/13 5:50am 7/26/13 5:50am

Heaven is Kicking a Cartoon Rabbit Down a Hill

The last time we checked in on curious indie game Overgrowth wasn't exactly under the most pleasant of circumstances, so let's today focus on what the game does best: rabbit violence. » 10/18/12 8:30am 10/18/12 8:30am