Still Having Trouble Connecting To PSN? Try This.

While Sony says the PlayStation Network is up and running following the Christmas attack, some users are still having trouble connecting to services on their PS4. Here's a network setting that's gotten several of our readers up and running again. » 12/28/14 6:47pm 12/28/14 6:47pm

PSN Seems To Be Coming Back Online

After days of problems connecting to the PlayStation Network and corresponding services on the PlayStation 4, two of Kotaku's systems have booted up and connected immediately. Are things looking up? Update: Sony says service has been restored. » 12/27/14 7:11pm 12/27/14 7:11pm

Bungie Extends Destiny's Weekend Vendor In The Face Of Network Issues

Destiny players worried the ongoing PlayStation Network problems would rob them of a chance to visit the game's weekend-only Strange Coin vendor should worry no more — Bungie's gooing to let him keep his shop open until Monday. » 12/27/14 6:36pm 12/27/14 6:36pm

PSN Still Having Big Problems Two Days After Christmas Outage [Update]

Two days following the Christmas day outage that laid low both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, users are still having trouble connecting to PlayStation Network services on PS4 and PS3. Update: Sony points to disruptive traffic as the cause of its network issue. » 12/27/14 3:30pm 12/27/14 3:30pm

Sony Thinks Your PSN Pain and Suffering is Worth Up to $104

Sony is sorry it got hacked and that you've been locked-out of the Playstation Network for over three weeks. Now it would like to buy your forgiveness. Exactly how much the company is willing to part with depends largely upon what kind PSN-user you were previous to the outage, and which of the two Sony gaming… » 5/16/11 9:30pm 5/16/11 9:30pm

You're Not the Only Victim: Criminal Hackers May Also Suffer from PSN…

The massive breach of Sony's PSN service has resulted in the possible theft of an unprecedented amount of sensitive information. The ramifications have been felt not only by consumers, but banks, credit card issuers, and other tributary industries. But here are some victims you probably haven't considered: other… » 5/05/11 12:30am 5/05/11 12:30am

Canada's Privacy Czar Thinks Sony Should Pay

"I was disappointed that Sony did not proactively notify my office...It seems to me that it's time to begin imposing fines - significant, attention-getting fines - on companies when poor privacy and security practices lead to breaches.'' [The Vancouver Sun] » 5/04/11 3:40pm 5/04/11 3:40pm

Hulu Offers Some Members Credit for Playstation Network Outage

The week-long Playstation Network outage isn't just keeping PS3 owners from playing games, it's also preventing them from using other online features of the console, like watching TV through Hulu. » 4/27/11 10:30am 4/27/11 10:30am

Good News! The Infamous 2 Beta Has Been Extended!

Developer Sucker Punch is giving Infamous 2 beta testers and early access mission designers more time with the game's beta. Why? Because the PlayStation Network is still offline, naturally, making it really difficult to beta test. Sucker Punch says on Facebook that the extension period is still TBD. We'll know after… » 4/25/11 4:30pm 4/25/11 4:30pm

Sony Doesn't Know Yet If Your Credit Card Number Was Stolen

Sony has not yet determined if the personal information or credit card numbers of users on the still-offline Playstation Network have been stolen, according to a Sony spokesman. » 4/25/11 11:15am 4/25/11 11:15am

Sony Working Around the Clock To Restore Playstation Network and Online…

Sony officials continue to work around the clock to bring the downed Playstation Network back online after an "external intrusion" forced the company to take the system down. » 4/24/11 9:13am 4/24/11 9:13am

Xbox Live Christmas Crash Won't Happen Again

With Microsoft sporting a cheaper console and the need to upgrade all new Xbox 360s to the New Xbox Experience come Christmas morning, it seems that a repeat of last year's Live crash is imminent. » 12/11/08 2:01am 12/11/08 2:01am

LBP Servers Down, This Time On Purpose

Looks like the troubled LittleBitPlanet servers will be going down again today. This time, though, the outage is planned for maintenance, according to Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe by way of Three Speech.
Hello everyone. Please note that the LittleBigPlanet online servers will be down for essential maintenance… » 11/06/08 5:00pm 11/06/08 5:00pm