Historic Register Adds Landfill Where Atari Dumped the Worst Console…

Alamogordo, New Mexico. Fifty miles southeast of Roswell, the most famous UFO site in the nation. Also the scene of the most infamous landfill in video game history. » 1/04/12 11:00pm 1/04/12 11:00pm

Video Game Hall of Fame Cancels This Year's Gala Weekend

After a grand opening that last year enshrined the first class of the International Video Game Hall of Fame and attracted nationwide media exposure, the IVGHOF has found it does not have enough money for an encore. » 5/18/11 8:30pm 5/18/11 8:30pm

Nominate Someone — or Some Game — for the Hall of Fame

Three video game titles will be enshrined along with the second class of honorees at the International Video Game Hall of Fame in Ottumwa, Iowa, which is seeking public input as it assembles nominees for final voting. Nominations close on March 15. » 3/03/11 8:30pm 3/03/11 8:30pm

New World Record In Joust Awaiting Certification

John McAllister, the owner of what is widely believed to be the most unbeatable video game high score, has claimed another world record, in Joust, after a marathon session at the arcade cabinet. » 10/23/10 12:00pm 10/23/10 12:00pm

Technically, Billy Mitchell Never Set The Donkey Kong Jr. Record

The notorious arcade champion Billy Mitchell was certified as the new world record holder in Donkey Kong Jr. at his induction to the International Video Game Hall of Fame last month. But Mark Kiehl had already beaten his score. » 9/09/10 7:30pm 9/09/10 7:30pm

Pac-Man Is Speechless At His Hall Of Fame Ceremony

The first class of inductees of the International Video Game Hall of Fame, at Ottumwa, Iowa included 28 real people - and one video game character. Here is Pac-Man's enshrinement during Saturday's ceremony, with a Namco representative accepting the award. » 8/09/10 6:00pm 8/09/10 6:00pm

Billy Mitchell Again Is Champion Of Donkey Kong — And Jr. Too

On the day he was to be enshrined with the inaugural class of the International Video Game Hall of Fame, Billy Mitchell was once again certified as the world record holder in Donkey Kong - and also Donkey Kong Jr. » 8/07/10 6:00pm 8/07/10 6:00pm

The Cooperstown Model Comes To Video Games

Whether you think it should be in Tokyo, Silicon Valley or elsewhere, the International Video Game Hall of Fame inducts its inaugural class this weekend in Ottumwa, Iowa. Today, the mayor went on NPR to justify why it belongs there. » 8/04/10 9:30pm 8/04/10 9:30pm

The Incoming Class of the International Video Games Hall of Fame

The International Video Games Hall of Fame inducts its first class in August. Located in Ottumwa, Iowa, known for its ties to the gaming's early arcade days, the Hall will enshrine more twice as many high score champions as developers. » 7/17/10 7:00pm 7/17/10 7:00pm

Hero of King of Kong to be Enshrined in Hall of Fame

Steve Wiebe, the protagonist of the documentary The King of Kong, famous for his pursuit of Donkey Kong's all-time record, will be enshrined alongside the game's creator with the first class inducted by the International Video Games Hall of Fame. » 7/12/10 9:30pm 7/12/10 9:30pm

Twin Galaxies Founder Retires

Walter Day, a former oil industry executive so captivated by the video game craze that he founded an arcade that would later become the international sanctioning authority for record high scores, has retired from his creation, Twin Galaxies. » 3/05/10 8:30pm 3/05/10 8:30pm

Video Game Hall of Fame to Enshrine First Class in August

Less than a year after it was first conceived, the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum at Ottumwa, Iowa has announced its first class of enshrinees, who will be inducted during a four-day gala event in August. » 3/03/10 8:30pm 3/03/10 8:30pm

Thousands Attend Iowa Hall of Fame Launch

More than 3,500 people, including U.S. Rep David Loebsack and Iowa Lt. Gov. Patty Judge, attended a kickoff event today for the International Video Games Hall of Fame, which Ottumwa, Iowa leaders plan to build in their community. » 8/13/09 10:40pm 8/13/09 10:40pm

Video Game Hall of Fame Gains Momentum, Support

Barely a month old, the movement to place a video game hall of fame in Ottumwa, Iowa has formed a city-backed committee and is hiring legal services to incorporate itself as a nonprofit venture. » 5/03/09 11:00am 5/03/09 11:00am

Iowa Town to Announce Plans for Game Hall of Fame

Billy Mitchell, the world record holder in Donkey Kong and one of gaming's original stars, will be in Ottumwa, Iowa today as the city announces its intention to create a video games hall of fame. » 4/29/09 12:40pm 4/29/09 12:40pm

A Claim to Fame, in the Dodge City of Video Games

These days, a big weekend in Ottumwa, Iowa, population 26,000 or so, is defined by the line out the door at its Applebee's. On its chamber of commerce's list of 101 things to do there, you'll see attractions like genealogy research, pumpkin picking, and a tour of the John Deere factory. The same as most towns spread… » 4/06/09 1:00pm 4/06/09 1:00pm