NMA Turns Urinal Video Games Into a Pissing Contest Between the UK and…

For once, you have to admire the restraint of the creative folks at Next Media Animation. Never ones to pass up low-hanging jokefruit, they don't make a Wii joke in the report that covers the westward march of urinal games. NMA does offer their visions of permutations of pee-based games for women and kids, though,… » 12/01/11 4:40pm 12/01/11 4:40pm

It's Okay to Pee on the UK’s Newest Game Console

First, they put advertisements in front of men's urinals, figuring dudes who have to answer nature's call are a built-in audience. Now, men's latrines are becoming interactive as the urinal consoles that have been in place in Japan begin their march westward. » 11/28/11 9:00am 11/28/11 9:00am

Young Women Nibbled by Skin-Eating Fish

Japanese arcade Loop in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture doesn't only offer arcade games. It also has fish. Fish that will eat your dead skin for money. » 11/10/11 5:00am 11/10/11 5:00am

Report: Nintendo 3DS Can Film 3D for a Chunk of Time

Ten minutes isn't an eternity. But on YouTube, ten minutes is a fair bit of time. And, according to Japanese news source the Nikkei, that's how long you can shoot 3D on the 3DS. » 10/21/11 5:00am 10/21/11 5:00am

Let Japanese Women Compliment Your Urination. "You Peed So Much!"

Sega Toys made a urine powered game called Toirettsu. It's being location-tested. Now, even as I write that, you're probably thinking, what the hell does a urine powered game look like? Well, I'll show you—minus the real dicks and the real pee. (Sorry!) » 10/20/11 9:00pm 10/20/11 9:00pm

Real Mario Kart on the Streets of Tokyo, Drawing Huge Crowds

The dudes from Japanese car site Cliccar get out of their boring civvies and got dressed up as Mario and Luigi. Then, they hopped in two street legal X-Karts and took to the avenues and boulevards of Tokyo. » 10/11/11 5:00am 10/11/11 5:00am

The Legend of Heroes & Dynasty Warriors Take Down Dark Souls in Japan

After debuting strongly in first place in Japan a couple weeks back, PlayStation 3 role-playing game Dark Souls has been defeated. Taking its first place position is another role-playing game, the latest in Falcom's Legend of Heroes line. » 10/06/11 4:40pm 10/06/11 4:40pm

For Under a Grand, You Can Put Magic on Your Desktop

Sick of buying action figures? Don't like what others design? You could always make customized figures from bits and bobs of other toys as well as your own elbow grease. » 10/06/11 2:00am 10/06/11 2:00am

When Almost Killing a Girl with Saran Wrap Is Going too Far

It was horrifying. A young man with chemically curled hair and hipster glasses dumped the mummified body on the apartment floor. The 22-year-old girl was wrapped countless times in Saran wrap. » 9/26/11 2:00am 9/26/11 2:00am

The Games, the Girls, and Prizes of Japan's Amusement Machine Show

The 49th Amusement Machine show wrapped up recently in Japan. The show played host to new arcade games like Sega's Operation G.H.O.S.T., new medal games for Monster Hunter and Pokémon, and a bunch of prizes. » 9/20/11 6:00am 9/20/11 6:00am

Tokyo Game Show Is Also about Chinese Arcade Games

Chinese arcade games with characters named "Lancelot" or with sharks that can drive and are dressed like pirates with some sort of Native American headdress. » 9/18/11 5:30am 9/18/11 5:30am

Yesterday Was the Biggest Tokyo Game Show Day. Ever!

Some of the booths are smaller, sure. Some companies weren't even there. Right now, they're probably having regrets, because the first public day of the 2011 Tokyo Game Show was the biggest ever. » 9/17/11 8:00pm 9/17/11 8:00pm

Is This a Sign of Microsoft's Japanese Retreat?

After spending millions upon millions of dollars promoting the Xbox 360 in Japan, Microsoft still only sells about 2,000 or so consoles every week. Last sales week, the Xbox 360 was outsold by the PS2. The PS2! » 9/07/11 3:00am 9/07/11 3:00am

He Wanted to Burn Them. Burn Them All Dead.

Nico Nico Douga is one of Japan's most popular video sites. Users broadcast livefeeds of everything from gaming events, underage dancing, to stupidity. But what went down last night in Tokyo's Shibuya during a "Nico Live" event was terrifying. » 9/01/11 2:00am 9/01/11 2:00am

Meet the Craziest Sony Product of 2011

It's the early 1990s all over again! Sony revealed today that it is launching a new head-mounted display, able to screen both 2D and 3D. Ready to barf? Aw, come on. It won't be that bad. » 8/31/11 2:00am 8/31/11 2:00am

Maybe Yakuza Friends Are a Bad Idea?

Last night, one of the biggest celebrities in Japan, Shinsuke Shimada, abruptly stated he was leaving the entertainment industry. Shimada, a comedian and talk show host, is the Japanese equivalent of a David Letterman or a Jay Leno—if either of them appeared on six prime time shows and produced music albums. » 8/24/11 2:00am 8/24/11 2:00am