Wayforward has released their last Shantae platformer, Risky's Revenge, on PC.

Wayforward has released their last Shantae platformer, Risky's Revenge, on PC. The game, which originally came out on the DS in 2010, comes with updated, HD artwork, Steam trading cards and achievements, and controller support. The two new Shantae games, Half-Genie Hero and The Pirate's Curse, are still in development. »7/16/14 9:00am7/16/14 9:00am

Pokémon is the Latest Casualty of the Government Shutdown

In America, we're 12 days into our government shutdown, and apparently everyone is cool doing without frilly things like benefits to military survivors or food inspections, because assigning blame for this stupid temper tantrum is terribly uncivil. But we draw the line when it affects our right to bear Pokémon, right?! »10/12/13 5:30pm10/12/13 5:30pm

Gaze Upon The Various Shapes Jake Will Take In The 3DS Adventure Time Game

Man, I didn't realize today was going to be Tina-posting-about-Adventure Time day when I got into the office. If I knew I would have brought in a bunch of candy to eat ferociously while pretending I was eating citizens of the Candy Kingdom. (Cause why not? I don't know why!) »10/18/12 2:45pm10/18/12 2:45pm

It might not be as robust as…

See A Bunch Of New Pokémon Black And White 2 Features In These Commercials

Here are a set of new commercials for Pokémon Black And White 2, the latest games in Nintendo's popular monster-catching series. Seems like Nintendo is really playing up the new: understandable, considering they have the same names as the last two games, and considering they're on a system that has been obsolete for… »9/11/12 5:30pm9/11/12 5:30pm

Pokémon Is Not Entirely Historically Accurate (Well, Duh)

Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition is no doubt one of the strangest crossovers we've ever seen. This is not only because it's crossing a feudal Japanese war strategy game with Pokémon, but also because all the characters in Nobunaga's Ambition are based on real people. So let's take a look and see how these real… »3/20/12 6:30am3/20/12 6:30am