"Ninja Day" Is an Actual Holiday in Japan

February 22 is "National Ninja Day." The Japanese holiday isn't an official day off. That is, at least not for those unable to slip out of work. » 2/18/15 6:40am 2/18/15 6:40am

Justin Timberlake's "Ninja" Slur Controversy Baffles Japan

Justin Timberlake recently called Madonna a "mother chucking ninja." Some people in the U.S. were upset, saying the word had racist connotations. In Japan, some folks were baffled by this controversy. » 8/21/14 5:00am 8/21/14 5:00am

Japanese Schoolgirl Ninja Jumping Off Buildings

It's summer in Japan. Students are starting to get out for vacation. Maybe they can spend their free time chasing each other around and jumping off rooftops. » 7/17/14 4:00am 7/17/14 4:00am

Female Ninja Serve Up Noodles Amidst Silly Complaints

Men no Sato (麺の里) or "Noodle Village" is a female ninja, or kunoichi (くノ一), restaurant. The restaurant originally opened last year in Tokyo's Tachikawa, but recently announced it was reopening in nerd paradise Akihabara. » 12/09/13 6:30am 12/09/13 6:30am

CGI Makes Ninja Dancing Better

I didn't know ninja dancing was a thing, let alone ninja dancing CGI. This is Enra, a Tokyo-based dance troupe that mixes dance rhythms, martial-arts influenced acrobatics, and computer graphics. » 9/16/13 6:30am 9/16/13 6:30am

The Best Looking Beat 'em Up Games From The 16-Bit Era

The beat 'em up genre flourished in the nineties, with Capcom and Konami leading the way on the SNES and on the SEGA Genesis, as well as with a huge amount of great arcade games that never got a home console port. » 3/12/13 9:30pm 3/12/13 9:30pm

Borderlands, Assassin's Creed and Tons More Coming to Minecraft's Next…

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is pouring on the fan service with this week's release of Skin Pack 4—providing delightfully low-res interpretations of Claptrap from Borderlands, Klei's Mark of the Ninja and The Behemoth's Castle Crashers, plus a whole lot more. » 3/11/13 2:42pm 3/11/13 2:42pm

The Most Badass Classic Ninja Games

There's no doubt that ninja are among the coolest video game characters. They do everything with style; running, jumping, fighting, even breathing. These games—mostly platformers—were able to capture this no matter how limited the hardware capacity was; ninja always look awesome. » 2/06/13 7:00am 2/06/13 7:00am

The Funniest (And Worst) Engrish In Classic Japanese Video Games

Back in the day Japanese developers didn't have the budget or the control to make perfect Japanese-to-English translations... although probably no one really cared. They had to translate and export their games to the West as fast as possible. » 2/01/13 5:00pm 2/01/13 5:00pm

You Can Now Rent Ninja in Japan. They're Not Deadly.

Well, it's about friggin' time! Starting this month, a new service will deliver ninja on the time and to the place of your choosing. The name of this new service? Why, Ninja Delivery. So clever » 1/11/13 6:20am 1/11/13 6:20am.

Jason's Top Ten Games Of 2012

You don't realize just how good a gaming year it's been until you look back at all of the games you actually played. From physics puzzlers to ninja simulators, 2012's library was full of interesting, creative, unique experiences. » 1/03/13 4:00pm 1/03/13 4:00pm

All You Know about Ninja Is Probably "Wrong"

Those black suits. Those weapons. Martial arts. The image of the ninja is rooted more in fiction than fact. Everything you think you know is probably more "wrong" than "right".

Ninja most certainly did exist in Japan, but they were more about information—and disinformation—than just assassination. Yes, there were… » 8/07/12 6:30am 8/07/12 6:30am

Transgender Ninja Aerobics Does Not Require Fishnets or Thongs

In ninjutsu, the concept of "shinobi" ("stealth") is key. So what happens when you mix it with aerobics? Fishnets and a thong, apparently. Sneaky!

Exercise guru and former cabaret dancer Hibari Igano, the self-styled "World's Toughest Transsexual" of Ninja Warrior fame, was a member of a ninja breakdancing team… » 4/16/12 5:30am 4/16/12 5:30am

When Your University Teacher Is a Badass Ninja

Most teachers are regular folks. Before they entered education, maybe they worked in an office. Maybe they were students themselves. But how many of them were ninja, head-butting trees in the forest? » 2/02/12 4:00am 2/02/12 4:00am

Get Jetpack Joyride For Free Today

The studio that made mobile smash Fruit Ninja's letting you have their latest blockbuster title for free today. Halfbrick's slashed the price of Jetpack Joyride from 0.99 to 0.00 today on Apple's App Store. The freewheeling sidescroller's also added new unlockable items with its 1.2.5 update, including a Deck The… » 12/19/11 10:40am 12/19/11 10:40am

Just When You Thought Sly Cooper Couldn't Get Any Better — Playable…

In the original Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sucker Punch's masked bandit hunts for pages from a special book that teach him the techniques of his ancestors. In the upcoming Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time you'll get to play those ancestors, including master ninja Rioichi Cooper. » 11/15/11 12:20pm 11/15/11 12:20pm

We Must Teach Younger Gamers the True Meaning of Ninja

Commenter Kevwood112 worries that we as a community may have lost sight of what it means to be a ninja, which should be a good thing, as you aren't supposed to see them anyway. Let's Speak Up about it. » 7/18/11 11:20am 7/18/11 11:20am