Neptunia Makes for a Surprisingly Good SRPG

So far the Neptunia franchise has been three mediocore RPGs and a passable IDOLM@STER parody—so my hopes weren't the highest going into its first strategy RPG. But let me tell you, there is a lot to love in Hyper Goddess Faith Noire: Ultra Goddess Black Heart—even with its impressively complicated name. » 8/01/14 7:00am 8/01/14 7:00am

The Neptunia SRPG’s Special Attacks Love Playing with Gaming Nostalgia

The newest game in the Neptunia series stars some of the most well-known game franchises reimagined as anime girls. But the character designs are far from the only shout-out to these series. You should see some of the special attacks. » 8/01/14 6:40am 8/01/14 6:40am

Watch Us Play the Neptunia SRPG

In the past, the Neptunia series has taken the form of turn-based JRPGs and an idol simulator. Now, the newest game moves the series into the realm of tactical strategy RPGs. Join us as we see how this game full of game-series-reimagined-as-anime-girls plays. » 7/29/14 6:00am 7/29/14 6:00am

Neptunia's Heaving Bosoms Freak Me the Hell Out

I am no stranger to the Neptunia video game parody franchise with its anthropomorphic personifications of game systems, companies, and series. However, one thing has always freaked me out when playing them: the characters' constantly heaving chests. » 7/25/14 6:20am 7/25/14 6:20am

​Iconic Video Game Series Reimagined as Anime Girls

The Neptunia series has a long history of turning video game consoles and companies into anime girls for their games. But the new spin-off game, Hyper Goddess Faith Noire: Ultra Goddess Black Heart, takes it a step further and gives famous Japanese game franchises their own anime girl treatment. » 7/22/14 7:00am 7/22/14 7:00am

I am Genuinely Surprised to See a Kinect in This Anime

Games and game systems pop up semi-frequently in anime. But given the utter failure of the Xbox 360 in Japan, I was more than a little surprised to see a Kinect in a recent episode of lesbian romantic comedy Sakura Trick. » 3/28/14 6:00am 3/28/14 6:00am

Gamers are Bound to Get a Laugh or Two Out of Neptunia: The Animation

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation, based on the game series of the same name, was not on my list of the five anime you should have been watching this past summer, but it may be the anime of last season that gamers will get the most out of. This is because it is chock full of hilarious, gaming-related humor. » 11/12/13 4:30am 11/12/13 4:30am

Neptunia PP is an Amusing Parody of iDOLM@STER

It’s looking to be a big summer for game industry parody series Neptunia—despite the worrisome event from a few weeks back. Not only is it getting its own anime and a remake of the original game on the Vita, but it also recently got a new spin-off game: God Dimension Idol Neptunia PP. » 7/05/13 6:00am 7/05/13 6:00am

When a Game's Credits Are a Love Letter to Retro Music Games

The newest game in the Neptunia series, God Dimension Idol Neptunia PP, came out on the Vita a little over a week ago. Today I finished it, only to discover the ending credits were better than the entire game preceding it. » 7/02/13 6:50am 7/02/13 6:50am

Hyperdimension Neptunia's Creator Dreams of a Fighting Game

This year at the Tokyo Game Show, Kotaku » 9/28/12 8:00am 9/28/12 8:00am had the pleasure of sitting down with Mizuno Naoko, the creator of (and both of its sequels), to talk about the past, present, and future of the series. As we sat 47 floors above the game show proper, she told me about the origins of .