Suprisingly Competent Blackwater Kinect Title Could Be Its Own Greatest Victim

This week was the first time we heard of publisher 505 Games' Blackwater, an FPS that would cast you in the role of Blackwater Worldwide mercenaries. The topic seemed thorny—the mercenary company, now renamed Xe Services LLC., has been at the center of a multiple of controversies and the subject of highly critical… »6/08/11 6:40pm6/08/11 6:40pm

Denis Dyack Tells Too Human Trolls "Put Up Or Shut Up"

Silicon Knights bossman Denis Dyack is sick and tired of the Too Human bashing at popular gaming board NeoGAF. From the lowly rank and file to the very folks running the GAF circus, there's nary a Too Human thread to be found without its share of detractors. Dyack has, rather unwisely we think, issued a challenge to… »6/25/08 8:00pm6/25/08 8:00pm