Your Final Shot at 100 Gamerscore Just for Showing Up [Update]

Friendly reminder that beginning in about 30 minutes, Xbox 360 is staging one last run on NBA Live 07's "Online with 1,000 People" achievement. This is the last chance to do it before EA shuts down the servers on Tuesday. » 1/31/10 12:30pm 1/31/10 12:30pm

Cheevers Try One Last Time for NBA Live Mark

Achievement boosters failed back in October to claim the 100-point bounty for being signed in with 1,000 others to NBA Live 07. With servers for the game deactivating Feb. 2, they'll take another crack at it on Jan. 31. » 1/04/10 6:20pm 1/04/10 6:20pm

NBA Live Achievement Whores Fail to Get 1,000 Online [Updated]

NBA Live 07 - a game now three years old - currently has about 500 players on Xbox Live. And they need 500 more in the next half-hour for every one of them to collect an easy 100 Gamerscore. » 10/03/09 4:00pm 10/03/09 4:00pm