I Wore the Navy's Oculus Rift, and It Showed Me the Future of Warfare

When we think of the future of the military, we think of bigger and better weapons. Laser canons and the like. But what about the people operating those lasers? How can a behemoth like the Navy ready its future sailors for the high-tech combat of tomorrow? Believe it or not, with an Oculus Rift. » 3/13/14 1:01pm 3/13/14 1:01pm

The Navy's Found a Use for Kinect: Stop Sexual Assault

Sailors are going to learn how to read another person's verbal cues and body language with a Kinect training game meant to curb a sexual harrassment/assault issue that has become increasingly embarrassing to the armed services. » 7/27/13 12:00pm 7/27/13 12:00pm

Osama’s Compound Now a Virtual Commando Training Ground

TAMPA, Fla. - To passersby, T.J., a fit 20-something, is running around a red felt carpet about half the size of a basketball court inside a convention center. In his mind, he's wearing a full set of body armor, his face obscured by a ski mask with a death's head silkscreened on it. And he's just dropped a terrorist… » 5/18/11 5:20pm 5/18/11 5:20pm

Did SEAL Team Six Find Osama bin Laden's Porn Stash?

According to Reuters, "modern, electrically recorded video" of a pornographic nature was recovered from Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad compound. I guess we know what Modern Warfare 3's SEAL Team Six mission could be. » 5/13/11 1:00pm 5/13/11 1:00pm

Play This Submarine Strategy Game and Help the U.S. Navy

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which some may recognize as a founding father of the Internet, is developing antisubmarine warfare drones and has released a video game hoping to crowdsource some of the tactical AI behind them. » 4/08/11 11:00pm 4/08/11 11:00pm

Video Games On The Front Lines

Long hours, hard work, crap weather. Then there's the boredom, the long hours of boredom, followed by the bursts of heart-pounding adrenaline. This is war. » 2/12/11 2:00pm 2/12/11 2:00pm

Enlisted Gamer Criticizes Military Response to Medal Of Honor

Stars and Stripes, the foremost independent publication covering the United States military, examined the Army and Air Force's recent decision to forbid Medal of Honor from being sold in their exchanges. One enlisted man blasted the decision as shortsighted. » 10/09/10 6:30pm 10/09/10 6:30pm

U.S. Navy: Video Games Improve Brains, "Fluid Intelligence"

The cognitive effects of certain video-game-style activities are not only impressive but can last a couple of years, a researcher for the Navy recently explained. » 1/26/10 5:00pm 1/26/10 5:00pm

Sailor Shot Dead During Video Game

A gaming session ended in death on Wednesday, as Clinton Echols allegedly pointed a gun at his fellow sailor and fired it while playing an unspecified military video game. » 4/10/09 2:00pm 4/10/09 2:00pm

Golden Tee Joins the Navy, Ships Out on Supercarrier

Arcade and bar golfing sensation Golden Tee recently made it's way to aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis, thanks to the company behind the game. » 1/12/09 2:00pm 1/12/09 2:00pm