MSI Debuts The World's Thinnest, Lightest 17-Inch Gaming Laptop

Razer's Blade Pro gets its first serious competition in the small form-factor gaming laptop category in the form of MSI's GS70, a 17-inch gaming laptop that's only .85 inches thick and weighs less than six pounds. My god. » 8/05/13 2:30pm 8/05/13 2:30pm

The MSi GT70 Gaming Laptop's Guts are Almost as Impressive as Its…

As a PC gamer that enjoys getting my hands on the latest hardware, the most exciting feature of MSi's new GT70 laptop » 5/09/12 4:00pm 5/09/12 4:00pm should be the 2.3GHz Core i7-3610QM quad-core Ivy Bridge CPU or its ridiculously speedy storage solution, a combination of a 7,200RPM 750GB hard drive and a pair of Samsung 64GB solid state drives.