Full Motley Crue Album Hits Rock Band On October 14

And not just any » 10/02/08 11:40pm 10/02/08 11:40pm Motley Crue album. It's . The announcement comes not from Harmonix, and not from MTV, but from the Crue themselves (or, at least their publicists), with a small note on the band's imeem portal letting us know that the album many will say is their achievement will be available for the game starting…

Motley Crue Single Sells More On 360 Than On iTunes

Anyone got an explanation for this? Because I'm stumped. Motley Crue's regrettable new single, Saints of Los Angeles, has sold 10,000 "copies" via iTunes and Amazon since release. But on 360? According to the band's management, it's been bought 47,000 times since being released as a piece of Rock Band DLC. And that's… » 5/26/08 7:00am 5/26/08 7:00am