Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to North America as a GameStop Exclusive Update

Despite heavy fan demand for Monolith Soft's role-playing masterpiece, Nintendo of America still hasn't revealed plans to bring Xenoblade Chronicles to North America. Who will step in and save U.S. role-players from missing out on what is arguable one of the best RPGs of this console generation? Would you believe… »12/02/11 10:40am12/02/11 10:40am

Disaster: Day of Crisis No Longer Pinned Under Rubble Of Indefinite Delay

Nintendo has dated Disaster: Day of Crisis »9/02/08 8:00pm9/02/08 8:00pm for Europe, pegging the Wii action-adventure for October 24, curing it of its previously reported "" status. From developers Monolith Soft (, ), puts gamers in the shoes and beard of Raymond Bryce, retired U.S. Marine and former International Rescue Team operative, as he…

Disaster: Day of Crisis Still Exists, Gets Rated In Australia

Oh, hey, Disaster: Day of Crisis »8/15/08 9:40pm8/15/08 9:40pm. Man, it's been awhile. We thought you were dead. Fortunately, the Monolith Soft developed action game for the Wii just got an M rating in Australia, so we know it's alive and... well, alive. The Office of Film and Literature Classification lists the game as potentially objectionable…