Nintendo Fans, Given The Chance To Post Porn, Crack Jokes Instead

Something went wrong today with the Mario & Luigi section of Nintendo's Miiverse community, allowing users to post any kind of image (so long as they could view it on the Wii U's web browser), not just a screenshot of the game they're playing. Yet given the opportunity to post anything, the fans there - bless 'em -… »9/15/14 2:42am9/15/14 2:42am

The Excellent Pokémon Art Academy Art of the Past 24 Hours

The new game, Pokémon Art Academy, allows you to upload your Pokémon artwork to the Miiverse. As the game released in PAL territories last week (and Japan two weeks before that), there are already scores of artwork to browse though. Some of it is pretty amazing—even just in the last 24 hours on the Japanese Miiverse. »7/08/14 6:30am7/08/14 6:30am

The Smash Bros Miiverse Could Drive Anyone Nuts

Part of what makes Smash Bros. so great is that it pits characters from all sorts of different franchises together—naturally, fans have ideas about what characters such be included. Like kids sending letters to the North Pole, tons of people take to Miiverse and write letters to Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Smash… »6/16/14 5:00pm6/16/14 5:00pm

This Guy Really Wants Shrek To Be In The New Smash Bros

Oh, Miiverse. You've got such amusing characters making all sorts of silly posts. Take "Sakurai" here, a poster which cronicstate found, for instance. Sakurai is almost assuredly a troll, but everyone takes the bait and argues with him over the possibility of having Dreamwork's Shrek in the new Super Smash Bros.

»8/16/13 5:30pm8/16/13 5:30pm