It's Not Quite Super Metroid, But It'll Do

The bad news: we haven't seen a Metroid game in almost five years, and that's not looking to change any time soon. The good news: Xeodrifter, which came out earlier this month for PC and 3DS, is a fine enough substitute. Well, it's an OK substitute. A decent enough substitute. It's margarine, basically. It's I Can't… » 12/29/14 5:33pm 12/29/14 5:33pm

Samus Aran: A Character Study

Ever since Smash Bros. 4 revealed the new design for Zero Suit Samus, the internet has been ablaze with comments and criticisms. Some of the criticism for the new "combat heels/tactical pumps" design is well deserved, but for every (perfectly valid) complaint, there seems to be someone arguing that Nintendo is… » 5/05/14 2:05pm 5/05/14 2:05pm