These Lovely Fan Made Posters Are For Mass Effect Movies I'd Actually…

We keep hearing rumors here and there about a Mass Effect movie in the works. As much as I love the franchise, I'm not sure I ever really want to see one. My Shepard is, well, my Shepard, and any movie starring someone of that name is unlikely to tell the story I preferred having told. » 9/25/12 8:30pm 9/25/12 8:30pm

The London Philharmonic Is Totally Going To Record The Music From Fez

You may recall that a while back » 9/13/12 8:00pm 9/13/12 8:00pm, we held a vote to help the London Philharmonic determine which music they'd include on their follow-up to their first album.

Tracing The Musical Saga Of Mass Effect

Remember when this is what Mass Effect sounded like? » 7/05/12 9:00pm 7/05/12 9:00pm

In the first game, we meet Sovereign, and we learn about the concept of indoctrination. By hanging around near (or in) a reaper, you can start to believe anything... including the ultimate futility of your own cause. Starting around 00:17, Sovereign's theme…