The New Invincible Iron Man Comic Has a Big Shocker About One of Marvel’s Biggest Villains

Not a whole lot is changing with Tony Stark in the new Iron Man comic debuting tomorrow. He’s still an egotistical genius billionaire who flies around saving the world in high-tech power armor. Whew. But one of the people he tussles with on a semi-regular basis looks a whole lot different. »10/07/15 9:00amYesterday 9:00am

This Week’s X-Men Comic Might Be the Bleakest Dark Phoenix Story Ever

Unless some other series winds up pulling off something unexpected, E Is for Extinction is going to wind up my favorite Secret Wars tie-in book. And that’s because the X-Men-in- twilight story has nothing to do with Dr. Doom or any crossover nonsense. It’s all about the right way for old superheroes to die. »10/01/15 11:30am10/01/15 11:30am

Marvel's Newest Nick Fury Comic Has a Time-Traveling Super-Racist and a Very Special Guest Star

There are two Nick Furys in the current version of the Marvel Universe: a younger black guy and the original white super-spy who’s his dad. This week, they meet in a time-travel story that shows how the racial tension in America today isn’t all that different from the how it was in the bad old days. »9/24/15 3:00pm9/24/15 3:00pm

Meet the Hutt Who Helped Luke Skywalker Learn About the Jedi

At the end of the original Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker had a lightsaber and not much else. The old man who started to mentor him died at the hands of the Empire’s most feared enforcer and he didn’t know anything about the legacy he was supposed to continue. This week’s Star Wars comic shows that Luke got his next… »9/17/15 3:00pm9/17/15 3:00pm

Looks Like Iron Man Might Be Getting Closer with Spider-Man’s Ex-Girlfriend

You can’t say the name “Mary Jane Watson” without immediately thinking about Spider-Man. Peter Parker’s favorite redhead originally appeared in the webslinger’s comics more than fifty years ago and has primarily been used in Spidey storylines since then. But she’s leaving webshooters behind... for Stark-brand power… »9/11/15 3:00pm9/11/15 3:00pm