Zuckerberg Isn't Pleased With the State of Facebook Gaming, But It's…

With Facebook's major gaming revenue source faltering and social gaming in general struggling to find new ways to engage and earn without annoying, it's no wonder Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg isn't happy with the state of gaming on his massive social network. » 10/24/12 12:55pm 10/24/12 12:55pm

Mark Zuckerberg's Unintentional Cameo in a Chinese Cop Documentary

Facebook honcho and newly married dude Mark Zuckerberg might be dealing with Facebook stock headaches, but he can take solace in one thing: If his social media business goes south, he can always get unpaid work as an extra in Chinese documentaries. Unpaid? Oh, right, never mind!

While visiting Shanghai this past… » 5/28/12 4:01am 5/28/12 4:01am

Facebook Finds a Way to Make Facebook Gaming More Viral, Less…

By splitting the main feed into two parts, the personal update timeline and the movie, music, and game-powered ticker, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes Facebook games will regain the viral nature lost when everyone was blocking them. Good luck. [Develop] » 9/23/11 1:20pm 9/23/11 1:20pm