Zynga Boss Proves He's Totally Out Of Touch With Games

“Right now, I’m pretty bored with all games.” That’s Mark Pincus, founder of Farmville company Zynga, as he spoke with an assemblage of tech entrepreneurs in Israel last night. Bored? More like not paying attention. It’s an incredibly exciting time in game development now, Mr. Pincus. All you need to do to see that… »10/02/13 5:00pm10/02/13 5:00pm


BioShock's Ken Levine and FarmVille's Mark Pincus are Both Nominees for Time's Top 100

Every year, Time magazine rounds up what they call "The TIME 100," a list of the most influential personalities of the year. In many ways the round-up is simply a rogue's gallery of "here's who you probably heard of recently," but the list is an interesting way to track what seems to be taking precedence in the… »3/29/12 11:30am3/29/12 11:30am