Learn About Capitalism With Super Mario Bros. 2

I've not come across a finer means of illustrating the origins of our Western work ethic than this video featuring a recycled Japanese game. Why did't we have 8-Bit Philosophy back when I was in college? » 2/08/15 3:00pm 2/08/15 3:00pm

Dude Smashes The Mario Bros. World Record

Tom Votava's score of 4,678,440, a Mario Bros. world record that has stood since 2009, has been smashed by Florida man Steven Kleisath, who earlier today set a new high score of 5,424,920. » 1/05/15 11:30pm 1/05/15 11:30pm

Forza Horizon 2 Takes Traffic Jams To A Whole New Level

Traffic is bad enough when there are cars all around you. It's worse when they're on top of you and you're floating in a void. Also in today's Highlight Reel, a new Mario Bros world record, Destiny meets Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and more! » 10/01/14 1:00pm 10/01/14 1:00pm

And Then DJ Jazzy Jeff Had A Super Mario Bros. Remix Battle

During yesterday's Fourth of July Jam in Philadelphia, DJ Jazzy Jeff (sans Fresh Prince) and Jeremy Ellis got into a Super Mario Bros. remix battle, accompanied by The Roots. This is a thing that happened. » 7/05/14 6:00pm 7/05/14 6:00pm

Super Mario Bros. 3, Beaten In Under Three Minutes

If you immediately thought "must use a glitch," you'd be right: this run of Super Mario Bros. 3 posted by TASVideosChannel makes use of a bizarre pipe glitch which allows Mario to tunnel down to princess Peach in world 7-1. » 4/30/14 7:00pm 4/30/14 7:00pm

12 Most Codependent Supervillains of All Time

Some villains strive for wealth and power. Some villains strive for glory. But a surprising number of villains are motivated solely by their tangled relationships with the hero. These are love-hate relationships, in which the villain just wants to impress the hero or spend quality time together. Here are the 12 most… » 2/26/14 1:21pm 2/26/14 1:21pm

Has Inflation De-Valued The Mario Coin?

If you've heard anything at all about the latest Super Mario Bros. game, you know that it has a lot of coins. So many coins. The diligent player can collect a million of the shiny little guys. » 9/24/12 9:00pm 9/24/12 9:00pm

Some Stages In The New Mario Look A Lot Like Temple Run

Mario on rails? Some stages in the newest Mario game will borrow the auto-run mechanic found in many mobile games like Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride. » 7/25/12 10:00am 7/25/12 10:00am

Also in : stages that take place at night.

The Dorkly Weekly: The Third Mario Brother? Not So Super

Who runs the Mario Bros. plumbing business while Mario and Luigi are off busting ghosts, saving princesses, and teaching typing? Why it's-a-him, Giuseppe.

What, you thought they just left the business to rot? You think they subsist on nothing but pixelated gold coins and mushrooms? No, the Mario Bros. maybe (for… » 5/21/12 3:45pm 5/21/12 3:45pm

Princess Peach Does One Amazing Lana Del Rey Impression

With retooled lyrics, some sweet costumes, and a heavy application of lip makeup, the magical Jenny Bede transforms Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" into a tale of video gaming's most heartbreaking love triangle.

Sorry, Miss Del Rey, but if you're going to name a song "Video Games" this sort of thing is bound to… » 2/24/12 12:00pm 2/24/12 12:00pm

WTPT: Kick Off The Weekend With Some Laughs at the Mario Bros' Expense

Before you clock out today, don't miss the videos we've compiled for you, as well as our Gaming App of the Day.

Doom, Lemmings and Super Mario, Together For the First Time

Check out this student-made Flash advertisement for… an iPod skin? We'll take it! Mario and Luigi cope with an invasion straight out of Lemmings and Space Invaders before reinforcements from everyone's favorite Mars-bound marine. Things get 3D, and decidedly less innocent. » 2/01/12 1:30pm 2/01/12 1:30pm

Mapstalgia Explores the Strange and Wonderful Ways Memory Changes Video…

What you're looking at is obviously not the official map of The Legend of Zelda; it's what The Legend of Zelda's map looks like to themadjuggler, one of the many contributors to Mapstalgia, a website dedicated to reproducing video game maps from memory. » 1/11/12 3:30pm 1/11/12 3:30pm

Even If Yoshi Is Gay, Where are the Other Gay Video Game Heroes?

Can an egg-laying dinosaur without sex organs be gay? IGN's Jack DeVries makes the case that Mario's green dinosaur steed with the prehensile tongue is "dating"-in the strange, largely irrelevant backstory that frames the series-Birdo, the pink, bow-wearing dinosaur first seen in Super Mario Bros. 2. » 4/28/11 5:00pm 4/28/11 5:00pm

For The First Time, The Mario Bros. Will Miss A New Nintendo's Birth

Forget its glasses-free 3D, the Nintendo 3DS is unlike any Nintendo video game before it because it will debut without Mario or Luigi. The previous nine major gaming machines from Nintendo — all of the big ones, from NES to Wii — had these guys. » 2/22/11 3:00pm 2/22/11 3:00pm

The Mario Bros. Try Another Line of Dirty Work

Now they're hauling off construction debris. (And, apparently, preaching the Gospel). Fitting, for all the bricks they've smashed. As seen by reader Kageski on his way to work yesterday. » 6/05/10 6:30pm 6/05/10 6:30pm