Madden Bowl XVIII Kicks Off Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend Tonight

Four teams of all-star competitors, including three Heisman Trophy winners (in their video game personae, above) and two Pro Football Hall of Famers, clash tonight in the Madden Bowl, the annual pre-Super Bowl throwdown EA Sports has staged for nearly 20 years. You can watch the action on ESPN3, which means if you… »2/02/12 6:00pm2/02/12 6:00pm


Holding Madden for Later Release Date a Winning Move, Says EA Sports

Traditionally releasing the first or second Tuesday of August, Madden NFL 12 this year moved to the end of the month, Aug. 30. EA Sports insisted the schedule change was not because of this year's NFL lockout, but because it provided a more natural alignment of the game's launch to the league's opening week in… »9/22/11 7:30pm9/22/11 7:30pm

Despite a Lockout and Disappointing Reviews, Madden Looks to One of Its Best Years Ever

When the NFL lockout hovered over the release of EA Sports' Madden series earlier in the year, investors were told to expect lower sales of Madden NFL 12. Analysts pegged the potential losses at up to half of all sales. The label's exclusive pact with the league was renegotiated to terms that would help mitigate any… »9/09/11 10:00pm9/09/11 10:00pm

Put Da NFL Preview on My Back, Week One: Saints vs. Packers, with the Greg Jennings YouTube Guy

Remember Demetry James? The man whose breathless narration of Greg Jennings 99-yard, broken leg touchdown in Madden NFL 10 amassed 5 million YouTube views has joined Kotaku and Deadspin to announce our video preview of the NFL's biggest game each week this season. [NSFW language] Today, we're going back to the… »9/08/11 4:00pm9/08/11 4:00pm