American and British Governments May Have Spied on WoW and Xbox Live

American and British spies infiltrated World of Warcraft and Second Life, using the games to monitor what they think are terrorist communications, recruit informers, and gather data on communications between players, according to classified documents uncovered by the non-profit investigative journalism organization… » 12/09/13 8:35am 12/09/13 8:35am

We'd Be Happier People If We Lived In This Colorful, Blocky Paradise

What could possibly be more welcome than colorful geometric shapes with corners gently rounded for virtual safety? How about if they had googly eyes? What if they could come to life? What if you breathed life into the inhabitants of this bright and innocent Blocksworld? Doesn't that sound like a pleasant sort of god… » 8/06/13 6:30pm 8/06/13 6:30pm

Play A Whole New Sort Of Interactive Fiction, Then Write Your Own

There's a lot to be said for text-based interactive fiction. It engages our imaginations so directly, and gets away from a lot of the challenges present in graphical games that offer interactive stories. In games like Mass Effect and The Walking Dead, more choices mean that the developers need to make more content,… » 2/14/13 3:30pm 2/14/13 3:30pm

This Beautiful Blocky Building Toy is Going Global

I've been lusting after Boldai's Blocksworld for months, eagerly seeking a sign that the colorfully creative Scandinavian toybox for the iPad would be making its way stateside. Now those coveters of all things creative at Linden Lab have acquired Blocksworld, with the intention of spreading its joy to all the good… » 1/24/13 3:55pm 1/24/13 3:55pm

Lawsuit Demands Second Life Horses Be Starved to Death

Second Life's merits as an actual video game may be debatable but its impact on the economy is not. It has, for example, provided a huge boost to the new markets of virtual sex caskets and imaginary pet food. And ridiculous lawsuits, because America has been lagging other first-world nations in that important economic… » 7/31/11 1:00pm 7/31/11 1:00pm