How To Make Your Face Look Like Lightning From Final Fantasy XIII

You may think that cosplaying as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII is just about getting the hair, outfit and skinny-and-tall body frame right, but in order to nail that look down completely you'll need to do some face work as well. Enter Emma Pickles, who has made this helpful makeup video tutorial for just that… »3/09/14 11:08am3/09/14 11:08am

If You Love Final Fantasy X-2, You’ll Love Lightning Returns

When people ask me what Lightning Returns is like, I always respond that it's a lot like Final Fantasy X-2. A lot of people seem to take this as an insult to Lightning Returns. It's not. While I feel like I am in the minority, I loved FFX-2 and much of what made it so fun to play is also present in Lightning Returns. »12/06/13 7:00am12/06/13 7:00am