Starhawk Reviewers Wisely Avoid Neopaganism, Focus on Shooting People

You know what would be awesome? Warhawk, only in space. And we can name it after one of the most notable figures of the Neopagan movement! I can just imagine the game reviews now. »5/08/12 5:00pm5/08/12 5:00pm

Plenty of recent games have proven that the third-person-combined-with-tower-defense genre can be successful. Given the right room to…

This Starhawk Trailer Shows Off Building-Dropping Offense

Attention, everyone: the signature move of Warhawk's spiritual successor has been anointed. The Property Damage—like that? I just made it up—is going to be the move that everyone tries to pull off in the sci-fi action/strategy hybrid. I've gotten a chance to play Starhawk a few times and the sensation of having the… »3/01/12 9:00am3/01/12 9:00am

Warhawk Players Get Elite Private Beta Access for Starhawk Next Month

If you were one of the players of Warhawk—the spiritual predecessor to upcoming action/strategy hybrid Starhawk— Lightbox Interactive knows that they owe you one. Many members of the Warhawk team from developer Incognnito wound up at Lightbox Interactive, with another chance to iterate on the some of the massive… »10/21/11 2:40pm10/21/11 2:40pm

New Starhawk Screens Make it Hard to Keep Our Expectations in Check

StarHawk is one of the 2012 video games we're most excited about at Kotaku. We like sci-fi. We like sci-fi. We like shooters. We like space combat. And we like games that, in single and multiplayer let you air-drop not just your vehicles, but your base. We like what we've been told about this PlayStation 3 exclusive.… »8/16/11 6:00pm8/16/11 6:00pm