Level-5's next big game The Snack World: Trejarers will be released in Japan on July 13. A new trailer gives a closer look at the 3DS title, which has an RPG setting, but with smartphones and modern convenience stores. Nintendo calls it a “hyper casual fantasy.” No word about an international release.

Here’s the latest trailer for Level-5's newest project The Snack World. It will get a TV anime series in Japan starting this spring, a 3DS game this summer, and an smartphone title this December. Might be worth keeping an eye out on this one. 

Many people have pinged me asking what Hasbro is showing for Yo-Kai Watch at Toy Fair. We’ll have to wait until we’re closer to season three to see new toys, but they did have connectable Wibble Wobble figures, as mimicked here by the best demo guy ever, Eric. Eric Von Demoguy.


There’s a new Professor Layton in development, reports Famitsu. The game, which is apparently part of the mainline series, doesn’t seem as though it will star Layton as its protagonist. Details are scant and more will be revealed next month at the Level-5 Vision event in Japan.

“Basically, from here on out, we want to make our games totally compatible with smart phones,” Level-5 founder Akihiro Hino recently told Nikkei Trendy. Hino also said it was necessary to bring console versions over, adding that recently children have been playing games on the smartphone.