10 Major Franchises That Have Never Been Rebooted


Most heroes get a facelift every decade or so, to keep them from showing their age. The longer an epic saga goes on, the greater the chances you'll see everything start over from scratch. But not everybody succumbs to the Etch-a-Sketch urge. Here are 10 epic storylines that have never had a reboot. Ever. » 1/30/14 2:24pm 1/30/14 2:24pm

Zelda, Metroid, and Dizzy Combine to Form... Spud's Quest!

This is Spud's Quest, a neat little six-hour (that's playtime, not development time) puzzle-adventure with a Metroid-inspired upgrade system, temples based on Zelda's, and gameplay inspired by classic European platformer series Dizzy. It is set to hit PC this summer, and can be pre-ordered via its official website. » 7/15/13 6:40am 7/15/13 6:40am

Earthbound, a New Zelda & More: See All of the Latest Nintendo Direct

In case you missed the first broadcast, or want to cycle back to make sure you heard something right—there were a lot of games, some with release dates, some without them—here's the full 37 minute Nintendo Direct that the company put out this morning for North America. » 4/17/13 11:30am 4/17/13 11:30am