Here Are The Best Games Sticking It To Candy Crush So Far

Lately, Candy Crush Saga-makers have been busy blocking trademark applications and going after people with the words "Candy" and even "Saga" in their game names. While they're doing that—technically, they say, simply to protect their brand from copycats—the game-making denizens of the Internet have been… »1/23/14 6:30pm1/23/14 6:30pm

Candy Crush Is Getting Trolled By Smartass Games

Yesterday we learned that, makers of the wildly popular game Candy Crush Saga, had submitted a trademark application for the word "Candy" that would block other game-makers from using it in their game titles. This has struck more than a few people as more than a bit ridiculous, and some people are responding… »1/21/14 5:00pm1/21/14 5:00pm

Infinite Lives in Candy Crush Saga Isn't Cheating, It's Time Travel

Since released the mobile version of popular Facebook puzzler Candy Crush Saga, I've been praising the developer's flawless implementation on iOS and Android. While fiddling about with my iPhone's time settings over the weekend I discovered that's not entirely the case—the mobile versions will let players… »1/21/13 9:55am1/21/13 9:55am

Wait, That's Not a Zynga Game at the Top of the Facebook Charts

Since I started covering the social gaming scene for Kotaku I've been regularly checking the numbers over at AppStats to see which Zynga games were topping the charts on any given day. You can imagine my surprise when the name on top of today's daily active users chart had next to it. Way to go, Candy Crush… »1/15/13 4:55pm1/15/13 4:55pm