This Basket Case Named Himself After Tekken

With so many comedians competing for air time, it's important that they stand out. Thus, Japanese comedians, compared to their Western counterparts, can look unique—extreme, even. When Takefumi Kurashina decided to leave behind his pro wrestling dreams, he shaved his head and wore Road Warriors inspired make-up. He… » 8/25/11 2:00am 8/25/11 2:00am

Japan's Best C. Viper Player Ready to Kick Ass at Evo 2011

Japanese model Kayo Satoh revealed that she'll be competing at this year's Evo fighting game championship. Very cool, considering that Satoh isn't only a talented player, but also a celebrity in Japan, regularly appearing on prime time television. Might mean more international exposure for Evo! [Kotaku Japan] » 7/07/11 7:30am 7/07/11 7:30am