Cancelled Justice League Game Pops Up Again, Looks Bizarro

Let's be real: the Green Lantern project that was also supposed to be a Justice League game didn't look like it was going to set the world on fire. But it's an interesting footnote in the history of superhero games, one that would've featured some of the most popular fictional characters ever created. The newest video… » 2/09/15 9:40am 2/09/15 9:40am

Superhero Crossovers Aren’t Going Away. Can They Please Get Better?

Baseball starts in the spring. Just when that sport’s season is wrapping up, football kicks off and goes into the winter. When it comes to comics crossovers, though, it seems like big universe changing-events are always in season. Right now, DC and Marvel have major happenings threading across big chunks of their… » 9/11/13 5:00pm 9/11/13 5:00pm

The Justice League Can’t Fight Their Way Out of This Terrible Video Game

Look, I'm not gonna lie: I did not have high expectations for Justice League: Earth's Final Defense » 8/07/12 3:15pm 8/07/12 3:15pm. I joked with co-worker Mike Fahey that the subtitle makes it sound like the World's Greatest Superheroes would lose their fight. Little did I know how right that joke would prove. The iOS game developed by Chinese…

More Superheroes Need Arkham City's Superpowered Fist-Fighting

Today, we've seen a rumor flying around that Rocksteady's next Batman game will be a Silver Age-era game about the first time Batman met Joker. Variety notes that this period is when Batman formed the Justice League of America along with Superman and a bunch of other famous DC superheroes. Which of course, raises the… » 7/11/12 8:00pm 7/11/12 8:00pm