A Fireside Chat With Hermann Peterscheck On Jumpgate Evolution

Actually, we weren't literally next to a warm-crackling fire, but it was right after we finished our play test of Jumpgate Evolution. Hermann Peterscheck was nice enough to give us a little more time and share his thoughts regarding some of the things they want to do, before Jumpgate ends up in our hands. We talked… »10/16/08 1:00pm10/16/08 1:00pm

A Visit To NetDevil: Hands On With Jumpgate Evolution

Following up on where we left off »10/15/08 7:40pm10/15/08 7:40pm, the guys at NetDevil were merciful and — even though they caught Crecente trying to get a sneak peak at Lego Universe — kind enough to give us some hands on time with a build of Jumpgate Evolution. Hermann Peterscheck gave us the grand tour of Jumpgate on a monster triple 24 inch…