Confessions of a Beta Testing Addict

Commenter gametr4x loves hunting for bugs in PC games so much, he's got multiple email accounts set up so he can apply to beta tests to his heart's content, but it only took one account to be featured in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. » 8/03/11 11:00am 8/03/11 11:00am

The End Is the Beginning For FormerLEGO Universe Devs

The founders of NetDevil left their Colorado-based studio recently to kick off another game developer start-up. END Games Entertainment has been mostly quiet until today when a blogpost went live hinting at what the foundling studio plans to work on next. Hint: Think casual. [End Stand For...] » 3/22/11 7:06pm 3/22/11 7:06pm

Jumpgate Is Codemasters' Biggest Beta Ever

With more than a quarter of a million beta sign ups in North America and Europe, Net Devil's space combat MMO Jumpgate Evolution is the biggest beta campaign » 7/21/09 4:20pm 7/21/09 4:20pm

Jumpgate Evolution: When Darkness Falls

The latest trailer and screens for Net Devil's massively mutiplayer online space combat extravaganza Jumpgate Evolution wants to know which side you'll be on when darkness falls. » 4/02/09 12:20pm 4/02/09 12:20pm

150K Sign Up For Jumpgate Beta

If there's one PC genre we can never have too much of, it's space combat. Codemasters and NetDevil know this, and so do the 150,000+ users who have signed up for the beta of their upcoming MMO Jumpgate Evolution.
‘We are pleased to announce this exciting landmark for Jumpgate Evolution,” commented Edward Relf,… » 11/10/08 2:30pm 11/10/08 2:30pm

A Tour of NetDevil's Game Studio

After Crecente and I got a good look at Jumpgate Evolution we convinced them to show us around the joint. The place is like Disneyland meets game development. It's a creative person's heaven. Basically their new studio is divided into two parts. Half of the building is dedicated to Lego Universe while the other half… » 10/17/08 9:30pm 10/17/08 9:30pm

A Fireside Chat With Hermann Peterscheck On Jumpgate Evolution

Actually, we weren't literally next to a warm-crackling fire, but it was right after we finished our play test of Jumpgate Evolution. Hermann Peterscheck was nice enough to give us a little more time and share his thoughts regarding some of the things they want to do, before Jumpgate ends up in our hands. We talked… » 10/16/08 1:00pm 10/16/08 1:00pm

A Visit To NetDevil: Hands On With Jumpgate Evolution

Following up on where we left off » 10/15/08 7:40pm 10/15/08 7:40pm, the guys at NetDevil were merciful and — even though they caught Crecente trying to get a sneak peak at Lego Universe — kind enough to give us some hands on time with a build of Jumpgate Evolution. Hermann Peterscheck gave us the grand tour of Jumpgate on a monster triple 24 inch…

New Jumpgate: Evolution Trailer

From our visit last week at Net Devil, » 10/01/08 8:30pm 10/01/08 8:30pm I can tell you first hand Jumpgate: Evolution is a stunning looking game. Today we got a new trailer for you guys showing off some of the awesome space environments. Expect the game sometime next year for PC.

A Visit to NetDevil

Adam and I had a chance to run over to NetDevil's office last week to talk with them about their work on the upcoming LEGO massively multiplayer online game LEGO Universe. We also got a tour of their place, including the fabled LEGO library and got some more hands on time with an up-to-the-minute build of Jumpgate… » 9/29/08 3:00pm 9/29/08 3:00pm

New Jumpgate Evolution Trailer Shows Intersteller Greatness

Prepare for some intersteller MMO goodness. NetDevil, which is actually a developer 10 minutes away from where I live, is working on Jumpgate Evolution. From this trailer we can see the game is coming together quite nicely. » 8/21/08 2:00pm 8/21/08 2:00pm

Jumpgate Evolution Playable at PAX

Upcoming space massively multiplayer online game Jumpgate Evolution is getting its coming out party at this year's Penny Arcade Expo, NetDevil announced today. The game will be fully playable at the show on Alienware laptops. "We are ecstatic that NetDevil will be taking Jumpgate to this year's Penny Arcade Expo.… » 8/18/08 5:40pm 8/18/08 5:40pm

Is This Your Jumpgate Evolution Box Art?

Jumpgate Evolution, proud project of Colorado-locals NetDevil, looks to be well past the first fifteen » 7/31/08 3:00pm 7/31/08 3:00pm and nearing beta. We've received a number of tips that the NetDevil folks have put out the word that they are looking for some folks to help beta test the game. They've also sent out feelers about which box art best…

Jumpgate Evolution Demands Your Attention

NetDevil's Jumpgate evolution is a concept that sells itself. Massively multiplayer Wing Commander, anyone? How about some co-operative Privateer? It's a game that combines twitch-action space combat with levels and experience points. It's an excuse to dust off those old flight sticks. You'll even be able to play as… » 7/23/08 9:40pm 7/23/08 9:40pm