Hendrix Guitar Hero Songs Announced, More To Come As DLC

Yeah yeah, we knew Jimi Hendrix was coming to Guitar Hero. Now we know how he's coming. Activision have announced that two songs - one a master recording, one a live track - will feature in the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour, with more to come as DLC. The live song's "Purple Haze" (from a 1969 show at the San Diego… » 7/23/08 11:20pm 7/23/08 11:20pm

Jimi Hendrix Confirmed For Guitar Hero

It's been confirmed by Jimi Hendrix's estate that several of his tracks will be appearing in the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour. Janie Hendrix - who oversees the late guitar god's estate - says that after originally being unable to locate a ton of master tracks (indicating, perhaps, this deal's been in the works for… » 7/17/08 8:30pm 7/17/08 8:30pm