After A Long Break, A Classic Shooter Returns To iOS

Now here's a blast from the past. Courtesy of DotEmu, purveyor of updated re-releases of classic games, Irem's 1987 side-scrolling arcade shooter R-Type is ready to be experienced all over again. » 7/18/13 7:45am 7/18/13 7:45am

In This Game, You Fight Against an Evil Organization Out To Destroy…

Do you like pachinko? Do you have a 3DS? Well I've got some good news for you. Japanese game maker IREM will be releasing a new game on the 3DS called Pachinko Parlor 3D: The Open Sea Stories 2 » 7/10/12 4:20am 7/10/12 4:20am.

Japanese Earthquake Game Wasn't Cancelled Because of the Earthquake?

On March 11, Japan was hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami. The country was left in ruins. Within days, Japanese game developers began canceling, altering, and postponing games. One game, the latest Disaster Report, got the axe. » 11/22/11 5:00am 11/22/11 5:00am

Is Disaster Report's Developer Okay?

After Irem outright canceled Disaster Report 4, rumors swirled that the studio would no longer be releasing new copies of previous Disaster Report games. Disaster Report 4 was to be Irem's first PS3 game. The fate of the studio's second PS3 game seems equally grim. » 3/30/11 3:20am 3/30/11 3:20am

Post Quake, Japanese Game Maker Cancels All Disaster Report Titles

In the wake of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami, publisher Irem canceled its catastrophe survival adventure Disaster Report 4, a game that was due to hit Japanese PlayStation 3s this Spring. Now it's halting production of every other Disaster Report game. » 3/28/11 8:00pm 3/28/11 8:00pm

See Japan Crumble (In 3D!!!) In Disaster Report 4

Added to the list of games playable on the Tokyo Game Show floor this week is Irem's Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories, the latest and greatest catastrophic adventure, now on the PlayStation 3. » 9/14/10 7:40pm 9/14/10 7:40pm

Atlus Trots Out Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament

Atlus brings more Steambot to the PSP this summer, announcing a North American release for Irem's Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament. » 4/10/09 11:40am 4/10/09 11:40am

Irem Does Its Best To Sex Up Spelunker

Minna de Spelunker is coming to the PlayStation 3 in Japan. How does one generate interest in a high-def Spelunker remake? Put women in short outfits! Short Spelunker outfits! » 3/16/09 8:00pm 3/16/09 8:00pm

Atlus Unleashes Hammerin' Hero On PSP

Atlus once again takes care of its fans first with an exclusive reveal of their upcoming PSP title Hammerin' Hero delivered directly to their Atlus Faithful community. » 12/19/08 4:45am 12/19/08 4:45am

The game is due out March 3rd for the PSP. Hit up the link below for more info!

R-Type Dimensions Screens A Force To Be Reckoned With

Who knew that the Xbox 360 would become *the* place to get one's shmup fix? With R-Type Dimensions » 10/10/08 1:00pm 10/10/08 1:00pm coming to the Xbox 360, recreating and in Xbox Live Arcade form, Microsoft has secured nearly every important shmupping franchise, already having nabbed , , and . OK, that's not every important franchise, but it's a…

R-Type Coming To Xbox Live Arcade

The Bydo empire must be destroyed. Again. The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification has rated a new title in the series, named R-Type Dimensions » 8/04/08 3:40pm 8/04/08 3:40pm, for an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release. The surprise announcement, dug up by GamerBytes, shows that Microsoft will publish, but that developer Tozai will…