11 Great Apps That Are Even Greater on the iPad Pro

So you’ve got a brand spanking new iPad Pro. You’re probably going to want to take advantage of the 12.9-inch display, the four speakers, and the souped up A9x processor. We’ve made a list of the coolest, most beautiful apps you can get, whether you’re a designer or just someone who appreciates big screens. »11/14/15 3:04pm11/14/15 3:04pm


Nine Minutes Of The Room 3, An Excellent New Puzzle Game That's Best Unspoiled

The Room 3 is out today, and for people who played the previous ones, nothing more can or should be said. The Room series is one of the most fun and visually interesting puzzle series going. Each game involves unlocking really complicated boxes and furniture, which, trust me, is just the best thing. »11/05/15 12:09pm11/05/15 12:09pm

Korean Soldiers Find A Way To Play Hearthstone During Military Service

South Korea’s mandatory military service is a tough one. The length of service is around 21 months, applies to males between 18 and 35, and it’s not a place where games like Hearthstone are allowed. Except if you’re a dedicated fan like these soldiers who, unable to play the real game, made their own version. »10/22/15 9:20am10/22/15 9:20am

You're Cut Off From Video Game's New 'True Grit' Mode If You Lose Too Much 

The man who made a version of Space Invaders that deletes files from your computer every time you shoot an enemy has added a new mode to his excellent mobile solitaire game Sage Solitaire. It’s called True Grit. Lose while playing True Grit too many times and you can never play that mode again. »10/08/15 12:48pm10/08/15 12:48pm