Q.U.B.E. Shows One Way for Indie Games to Get Money and Make it Back

How much does it take to make an indie game? How long until one makes a profit? The metrics on this kind of thing are always mysterious but a new post on Indie Fund's official website gives some enlightening information with regard to the first game funded by the small-developer investment collective to see release. »1/16/12 4:30pm1/16/12 4:30pm

Q.U.B.E. Delivers the Good Kind of Blocking on Steam Today

At first blush, the environs and first-person perspective of puzzle platformer Q.U.B.E. might look familiar. The game tasks you with manipulating a series of colored three-dimensional cubes that have various effects on the environment. It looks to me like living inside a Rubik's Cube and Stephen Totilo liked it when… »1/06/12 4:30pm1/06/12 4:30pm

Haunting Half Life 2 Mod Dear Esther To Receive Substantial Overhaul, 2011 Commercial Release

In 2008, Dan Pinchbeck of the University of Portsmouth created an interactive "ghost story" titled Dear Esther using Valve's Source Engine, and its associated Half Life 2 art assets. The game achieved enormous critical success, and established a devoted cult following. Now the title is set to receive a substantial… »6/02/11 11:40am6/02/11 11:40am