Inception Board Game Is A Board Game Inside A Board Game...

Inceptor is an upcoming board game that is, in everything except name (because that involves licensing), based on Chris Nolan's movie Inception. » 2/25/14 11:30pm 2/25/14 11:30pm

An Xbox One Plugged Into Itself Looks Like Art

We've seen an Xbox One playing through another Xbox One. And an Xbox 360 through an Xbox One through an Xbox One. Also a Wii U through an Xbox One and, sure, a PS4 through an Xbox One. But what if you plug one Xbox One into itself? Because it's certainly possible. And the results are kind of beautiful. » 11/20/13 12:00pm 11/20/13 12:00pm

Today I Played Taiko no Tatsujin With Virtual Gangsters

The Yakuza series of games have always been serious, testosterone-filled stories about hard men kicking each other's asses, broken up sporadically by mini-games, activities, and general fooling around. The latest game, Yakuza 5, is no different. As previously reported, Namco Bandai's Taiko no Tatsujin appears as a… » 9/20/12 7:30am 9/20/12 7:30am

The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan: Writer. Filmmaker. Game Designer?

Director Christopher Nolan builds a lot of rules into his movies. From The Prestige to Memento to The Dark Knight, each film is an intricately created network of systems and balances, shapes and lines set in motion against one another. It can be exhilarating, but it can be exhausting. It's certainly distinctive. » 7/23/12 7:00pm 7/23/12 7:00pm

As Close to a LEGO Inception Game as We're Ever Going to Get

We'll never see LEGO and Traveller's Tales team up to do an official game based on Inception. Which is a pity. Still, this fan-made clip has all the humour (and quality) you'd expect if they ever came to their senses and did. » 6/10/12 10:00pm 6/10/12 10:00pm

The First Madden 12 Trailer Is Here

And it's hilarious. Die-hard Madden fans may be able to pick out tweaks and additions in the tiny sections of footage shown, but everyone else should just head here and make the trailer even more BWWAAHHHH-ey. » 3/23/11 1:00am 3/23/11 1:00am

The Inception Video Game Is (Still) Happening

Just a few months ago, the director of The Dark Knight and Memento, Christopher Nolan, said he was "looking at" developing a video game based in the world of blockbuster hit Inception. Now he sounds more serious about it. » 11/30/10 6:30pm 11/30/10 6:30pm

Christopher Nolan Wants To Make An Inception Video Game

The director of The Dark Knight and Memento wants to turn his latest film, the $750 million grossing Inception, into a video game. Just don't expect it any time soon. » 9/21/10 3:40pm 9/21/10 3:40pm

Psychonauts Meets Inception (And It Works)

Double Fine Productions' Psychonauts, the classic psychic adventure, when cut to ape Christopher Nolan's Inception scene-by-scene works shockingly well. Either consider this fan-made mash-up a dose of clever nostalgia or a reminder that, yes, you really should play some Psychonauts. » 9/13/10 8:40pm 9/13/10 8:40pm

Inception Star On Street Fighter II

Fresh off Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing the variety show circuit to promote the film and talking about something extremely important. That's right, he's talking Street Fighter II. » 7/30/10 2:00am 7/30/10 2:00am

Inception's Usability Problem

If the movie Inception is like a video game, how do its rules and the way it teaches the audience its rules compare to video games? Writer Kirk Hamilton sorts it out in an essay we're delighted to republish here. There will be spoilers. » 7/27/10 2:30pm 7/27/10 2:30pm

Did Video Games Help Me Accept Inception's Ending?

From the second Inception ended, I've been bumping into people who are trying to sort out it's ending. I'm not one of them, thanks, I think, to video games. (Note: I won't spoil Inception's ending here, but commenters probably will.) » 7/26/10 3:00pm 7/26/10 3:00pm

Inception Review: Video Games Should Be Jealous

Inception is a big movie about flexible dreams and stubborn minds, but it is also a sorting hat. Try it on and you will know if you're a gamer, or if you're not. » 7/19/10 11:00am 7/19/10 11:00am