The Colorful, Crazy, and Curvy World of the Sexy All Sisters

There's a set iconography. Costumes or accessories that immediately evoke imagery and associations. For countless idol groups, the go-to iconography is the Japanese schoolgirl and all the youthful associations she entails.

Not the Sexy All Sisters. They largely eschew schoolgirls in favor of superheroes, juvenile… »3/30/12 4:01am3/30/12 4:01am

Young Idol Makes Out with Older Dude. Misses Gran Turismo 5 Event.

With over thirty members, you'd think it'd be no biggie if AKB48's 17-year-old Yumi Wakatsuki was M.I.A. Yet, this weekend when she didn't show at a Gran Turismo 5 event, people began wondering whether her absence wasn't merely because she was under the weather. People began wondering if she had been benched for one… »12/12/11 3:00am12/12/11 3:00am