Pump Train Puts You In Charge of Saving New York City's Subways After Hurricane Sandy

One of the most chilling consequences of last month's brutal superstorm was how Sandy flooded and shut down huge chunks of New York City's mass transit system. Entire subway stations were submerged and the tunnels that trains travel through were flooded to an unprecedented degree. Much of the subway system was up and… »11/22/12 9:00pm11/22/12 9:00pm

Hurricane Sandy's Effects on the Gaming Scene: From Blacked-out Developers to a Guy Who Walked 3 Hours To Line-Wait for Wii U

Hurricane Sandy didn't have an effect on the video game scene the way it would have if it had hit in a city like Montreal or San Francisco, where many of the most popular video games are made. But New York City and the surrounding region does have a vibrant indie gaming scene, millions of passionate gamers, a lot of… »11/02/12 1:47pm11/02/12 1:47pm