The First Announced iOS 7 Gamepad Looks... Interesting

I figured the release of iOS 7 with game controller support would be accompanied by a blast of press releases from every major peripheral manufacturer, showing off their entry into the newly-opened market. So far all I've seen is a tease from Logitech and this, an accessory that transforms your iDevice into a… » 9/19/13 9:30pm 9/19/13 9:30pm

Time to Play "What the Hell is This Thing Sony Just Patented?"

What the hell is this? A steering wheel? A jet fighter's yoke? It's certainly a peripheral for the PlayStation Move, with swing-wing handle grips out at the side. Why is that feature necessary? » 4/18/12 10:00pm 4/18/12 10:00pm

GameStop Brings the Convenience of Digital PC Game Delivery to Retail

Not everyone that purchases downloadable PC games does it because they prefer shopping at home. Some of them just hate discs and boxes. Maybe it's an environmental thing. Perhaps their father was killed by a DVD. Whatever the case, GameStop's in-store digital PC game purchase method is perfect for those types. » 7/28/11 2:30pm 7/28/11 2:30pm

Why Does NBA All-Star Blake Griffin Want to be in Rage?

The tie-in between reigning NBA Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin and Rage, the forthcoming post-apocalyptic first person shooter from id Software and Bethesda Softworks, eludes me. Griffin's last (and only) video game gig came on the cover of NCAA Basketball 10, canceled four months after release. Maybe he's seeking… » 5/20/11 7:40pm 5/20/11 7:40pm

Protect Your Children, the Left 4 Dead Way

Last week, The Amber Alert network released a truly WTF, fearmongering gun porn PSA tagged, "You don't need a gun to protect your kids." (But it does help). Because it's four people with assault rifles, you know what's next. » 6/29/10 8:30pm 6/29/10 8:30pm

Sony Computer Europe Head Unaware Of Crackdown Devs Existence

David Reeves is retiring from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. In his retirement announcement, Reeves stated he plans to spend his time "trying to repay society" from all he has taken from it. » 4/28/09 7:30am 4/28/09 7:30am