"Hot Coffee" Scandal was an Attack on Video Games, says Grand Theft Auto Maker

The "Hot Coffee" scandal—a sex minigame found by a modder inside the code of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas—still weighs on Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games, which makes the series. In an interview with The Guardian, Houser said he views the seven-year-old incident as an attack on video gaming in general. »11/24/12 1:00pm11/24/12 1:00pm


"Hot Coffee" Class Action Suit Squashed By The Court

Take-Two won't be writing out as big a check as we expected to settle a class action lawsuit filed over "Hot Coffee" claims — the Court has issued an opinion on the matter this week, refusing to certify the proposed settlement class. That, according to our friendly neighborhood legal council, means that the publisher… »8/05/08 5:20pm8/05/08 5:20pm

"Hot Coffee" Class Action Suit Claims Show Very Few Were Offended

Who would have possibly thought that in a game filled with violence, foul language and generally deplorable behavior, that so few who owned Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be so apathetic about the hidden sexual content buried deep within? Certainly not the law firms who filed a class action suit against Take-Two… »6/24/08 7:40pm6/24/08 7:40pm