Today in Unexpected Headlines: Gamer Saves Old Man from Burning Home

Alright. Every time games get blamed, tangentially, for some idiot criminal's behavior, everyone makes the rhetorical argument the local news never calls out the tangential gaming interests of a good samaritan. Well, rub your eyes and stand corrected: A gamer is being called a hero for saving an old man from a burning… »12/08/13 3:00pm12/08/13 3:00pm

Watch All of the Uncharted Trilogy—Edited into Feature-Length Films

You know how, on Sunday afternoons, a great adventure flick you've seen a dozen times comes on the TV at random and you spend the next hour watching it? Well, here are three great adventure flicks, courtesy of Reddit user morphinapg. It's the Uncharted series, joined by "the minimum gameplay needed to connect the… »4/22/12 1:00pm4/22/12 1:00pm