Coming Full Circle, Former Candidate Herman Cain Now Sings the Pokémon Song

Herman Cain, whose campaign for the Republican presidential nomination included bizarre references to both SimCity and Pokémon, is officially out of the race. He was still on the ballot for Saturday's primary in South Carolina, though, and made a joint appearance with TV satirist Stephen Colbert in an effort to gin… »1/22/12 4:00pm1/22/12 4:00pm


The Daily Show Proposes Other Pokemon Dialogue For Former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain

Herman Cain delivered one of American politics' most bizarre WTF moments when he quoted the Pokemon movie during the press conference where he suspended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Host Jon Stewart and the writers at The Daily Show take that moment and make it more WTF-er by offering up a few… »12/06/11 3:40pm12/06/11 3:40pm

“It’s a Lie!”: Republican Presidential Front-Runner Herman Cain denies SimCity Inspired to His Tax Plan

According to the latest polls, businessman Herman Cain's currently the Republican most likely to get the GOP presidential nomination. (And, yes, it's early.) One of the reasons that Cain's appeared attractive to the electorate has been his easy-to-understand 9-9-9 proposal to overhaul taxes. Game-savvy political… »10/28/11 1:40pm10/28/11 1:40pm

This Presidential Candidate's Tax Pledge Brought to You by Sim City 4?

Herman Cain, the pizza baron who has risen to the top of the Republican Party's half-hour comedy hour of a preliminary presidential campaign, is getting a lot of truck from pundits for his catchy sounding "9-9-9" tax plan. It's basically a flat 9 percent levy on corporate income, personal income, and sales. That… »10/13/11 6:00pm10/13/11 6:00pm