Someone's Already Trying to Sell a Wii U on eBay. For $900.

Remember when the Wii launched? What were those things going for on the gray market, like $700 or something? Actually, yeah—Fahey did this analysis after the 2006 holidays and found the price, for a pre-order listing on eBay, spiked at $707, almost three times its MSRP. (That's not counting this jackhole, trying to… »9/15/12 11:00am9/15/12 11:00am


Hacker's Fight With Sony Is Over, But Not For Anonymous

Sony and George Hotz, the hacker who jailbroke the PS3, reached a settlement that ends Sony's multizillion dollar claim against the 21-year-old rapper provided he never screws with their stuff ever again. End of controversy, right? Well, someone failed to clear this with Anonymous, self-appointed sheriff of Internet… »4/13/11 10:00pm4/13/11 10:00pm