Some Of The World's Best Cartoons Are Hidden Inside Video Games

Quantic Dream, the studio behind Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, are about as polarising as a developer gets. Some people hate their games. Some people love them! I'd like to think there's one aspect of their output we can all get behind, though: the way they include some of the world's best animation shorts in their … » 10/21/13 11:00pm 10/21/13 11:00pm

Heavy Rain Creator: ‘The Only Thing I Didn’t Want to Do Was a Sequel’

Heavy Rain got some criticism. There are whole train of thoughts that either praise or slam Quantic Dream’s experimental PS3 game. Some people love what it tried to do in terms of how play mechanics and plot continuation when certain characters died. Other players hated the way it tried to tell its story. When Beyond: … » 5/06/13 2:30pm 5/06/13 2:30pm

A Visual History of Attractive Video Game Characters: The 10s

The past few years produced a huge amount of great games and a surprisingly decent amount of them have well-developed characters that are hard to forget. And, of course, some of them look really attractive. » 5/03/13 6:30pm 5/03/13 6:30pm

Beyond: Two Souls is Basically Heavy Rain Meets Ghost Trick

After seeing a lengthy demo of a level from David Cage's new game Beyond: Two Souls, that headline is more or less the best way I can describe it: The somber, occasionally stilted tone and QTE-style controls of Heavy Rain coupled with the non-corporeal hijinks of Ghost Trick. Starring Ellen Page. » 6/07/12 7:00pm 6/07/12 7:00pm

Heavy Rain Creator “Not Interested in the Next Generation of Consoles”

We're at a weird place in terms of expectations for the near-future of video games. Yesterday saw Epic Games unveiling the next iteration of their Unreal Engine and that— combined with a stream of leaks about the successors to the PS3 and Xbox 360—have people thinking about the possibilities of what's next. But David… » 5/18/12 1:30pm 5/18/12 1:30pm

Depressing-Ass Heavy Rain Makes for Some Good Stand-Up Comedy

Yes, the jokes about the weird deconstructed gameplay in Heavy Rain get laughs, even from people in the audience who may not have played it. But, the best thing about Kumail Nanjiani's stand-up bit on the PS3 psychological thriller is how he notes the changes in the gaming medium and the difference in the kinds of… » 2/09/12 12:30pm 2/09/12 12:30pm