Two of the world's most addictive mobile games, Taito's Groove Coaster Zero and GungHo Online's Puzzles & Dragons, are crossing-over August 12-24. There'll be special Groove Coaster Zero-themed dungeons and creatures popping up in the puzzler, while a special P&D song pack will be available in the rhythm game for $4.99.… » 8/09/13 6:45pm 8/09/13 6:45pm

Once Again, Even More Japanese Developers Weigh In on the PS4

Continuing with their series on the PS4, this week, Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu published the second half of their two-part developer interview, with several more Japanese developers sharing their thoughts on Sony's new console. » 3/21/13 7:00am 3/21/13 7:00am

Japanese Publisher GungHo Acquires Killer is Dead Developer

Japanese publisher GungHo has recently nabbed Suda51's Grasshopper Manufacture, known for games such as Killer7, No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw, welcoming it as the fourth in their already impressive lineup of developers that includes, among others, GRAVITY Co. of Ragnarok Online fame. From the press release: » 1/30/13 7:35am 1/30/13 7:35am

Puzzle & Dragons... It's All Right There in the Title, Isn't It?

GungHo Online Entertainment's Puzzle & Dragons is a game that contains both puzzles and dragons. It's generated more than three million downloads in Japan. I'd say a good half of those downloaded it simply because the game's name features all anyone really needs in a video game. » 11/09/12 4:55pm 11/09/12 4:55pm

Two Weird New Games Are Coming To Vita Very Soon

Believe it or not, the PlayStation Vita has been quietly picking up steam this fall. Two new Vita games from Japan with weird premises and even weirder titles—Dokuro and Orgarhythm—are coming to the U.S. within the next couple of weeks. » 10/08/12 6:30pm 10/08/12 6:30pm