Make Way DS, PSP and iPhone, Here Are 10 Windows Phone 7 Games In Action

The $200 Windows Phone 7 telephones launching on November 8 will be a new portable gaming option, the first one compatible with aspects of Xbox Live. Here are eight 10 of the "launch wave" titles. Should Nintendo, Apple and Sony quake? Update: Two games added. » 10/11/10 5:00pm 10/11/10 5:00pm

Courtney Love Now Says Cobain Would've Been Cool With Guitar Hero 5

Professional widow Courtney Love, PO'd at Activision for how Kurt Cobain of Nirvana is presented in Guitar Hero 5, says Cobain probably would have found his game appearance amusing. But since he's dead she gets to do all the suin'. » 1/30/10 12:00pm 1/30/10 12:00pm

Dethklok Wants To See You Play Guitar Hero

Dethklok has a new song in Guitar Hero today, and Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small is eager to see you give "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" a try.

"Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" is now available in the Guitar Hero music store for the Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3, part of a triple pack of metal, along with… » 1/21/10 6:40pm 1/21/10 6:40pm

The PlayStation 3 Buyer's Guide

With at least one potential game of the year exclusively nesting on the Playstation 3 and a price drop under its belt, the PS3 has had a pretty darn good year. » 11/26/09 3:00pm 11/26/09 3:00pm

Morale Booster Connects Troops with NFLers on Xbox Live

Members of the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers engaged U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq in a Guitar Hero battle, which would have been a heart-warming story if brickheaded quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hadn't called the game "Rock Band" on the teevee. » 11/21/09 3:00pm 11/21/09 3:00pm

Band Hero Offers New Ways To Torment Kurt Cobain

Maybe Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash's respective wills demanded that their spirits live on in the form of a digital Village People cover band, meaning the option to export Band Hero songs into Guitar Hero 5 isn't totally bad. » 11/16/09 4:40pm 11/16/09 4:40pm

Could Band Hero/Guitar Hero 5 Brouhaha Cause Future Problems For…

In the span of two months, Activision has ticked off Courtney Love and No Doubt by letting unlockable avatars sing songs from other genres. » 11/06/09 2:00pm 11/06/09 2:00pm

Guitar Hero, WoW & World At War Give Activision Better Than Expected Q3

Things are lookin' up for old Activision Blizzard. The publisher announced today that business is good, better than expected, even, resulting in a $755 million quarter for the company. » 11/05/09 6:20pm 11/05/09 6:20pm

No Doubt Sues Activision Over Band Hero Likeness [Update]

Activision is catching legal heat from band No Doubt over the group's appearance in the recently released Band Hero. No Doubt is suing Activision, seeking damages for turning the act into "virtual karaoke players." Sound familiar? » 11/04/09 4:40pm 11/04/09 4:40pm

Battle of the Music Games: The Beatles: Rock Band Vs. Guitar Hero 5

The NPD Group's September hardware sales report fails to mention two other important platforms viciously battling for gamer's attention—Rock Band and Guitar Hero, two games that saw big releases last month. So who won? » 10/19/09 8:20pm 10/19/09 8:20pm

Guitar Hero's 'Couples' Cameo Profitable for Activision, Film

Ever met a Guitar Hero salesman? Me either. Vince Vaughn's character in "Couples Retreat" was made one, however, because he and co-screenwriter John Favreau adore the series. And, how about that, it crowbared a few buxx out of Activision marketing. » 10/18/09 2:00pm 10/18/09 2:00pm

Kurt Cobain Parody Vid Taken Down on Activision's Request

Remember the video of Kurt Cobain singing Bon Jovi's hits, and shrieking "yeah, boyeee!" in "Bring the Noize?" The compilation that hung the game with its own rope for its treatment of Cobain is gone from YouTube, on Activision's demand. » 10/13/09 10:40pm 10/13/09 10:40pm

Guitar Hero 5 No Longer Half Off at Amazon [Update]

Just noticed this - the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 5, game only, is down to $29.97 on Update: Looks like the deal is now dead. Sorry. » 10/04/09 1:00pm 10/04/09 1:00pm

Jon Bon Jovi Turned Down Guitar Hero, Supports Courtney Love

Courtney Love may be mad as a hatter, but she's found an unusual ally in her fight against Activision's use of a Kurt Cobain avatar in Guitar Hero 5: Jon Bon Jovi. » 9/17/09 5:30am 9/17/09 5:30am

Gaming's Creepiest Couples

From the Marcus and Dom bromance in Gears of War to Midna riding around on Link in Twilight Princess, Crispy Gamer explores some of the creepiest couplings in video game history. » 9/16/09 11:20am 9/16/09 11:20am

Cobain Attorney Calls For Activision To Limit Musician's Use in GH5

Earlier this week the appearance of a digital Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5 irrupted into controversy with Courtney Love and former Nirvana band members calling for Activision to patch the title. Now Love's attorney is involved. » 9/11/09 12:20pm 9/11/09 12:20pm

Activision: Courtney Love Signed Cobain Contract for Guitar Hero 5…

In the wake of Courtney Love's bombastic vitriol over the appearance of her late husband in Guitar Hero 5, Activision tells Kotaku that she was the one who signed the agreement for the deal. » 9/10/09 3:40pm 9/10/09 3:40pm

Courtney Love Will Have Her Revenge On Activision

Creeped out by Kurt Cobain's appearance in Guitar Hero 5? Upset, even? You weren't the only one. Courtney Love, Cobain's widow, is furious, and is satisfying her fury by threatening Activision with legal action. » 9/10/09 4:30am 9/10/09 4:30am