Guitar Hero is Back And I Really Like What I've Seen

Confession: if I had spent anything like as much time playing actual guitar as I did playing pretend guitar as a teenager, I might have had a very different career path. In the late days of the 2006-9 rhythm-action boom, some hardcore pretend musicians split out into Guitar Hero fans and Rock Band fans, but… » 4/14/15 10:00am 4/14/15 10:00am

In the Guitar Hero That Never Got Made, People Can’t Even Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll

Quick question: does anyone remember the plot of Guitar Hero III? Does anyone remember if it had one? You might remember that Slash, Axl Rose and Bret Michaels showed up in the threequel, which was the first game in the franchise after it moved to Activision. But that's about all that was memorable about Guitar Hero… » 8/27/12 2:30pm 8/27/12 2:30pm

Gwen Stefani's Band is Still Pissed Off About Guitar Hero, Still Hellbent on Suing Activision

Activision may have dusted its hands of Guitar Hero, Band Hero and everything else from that played-out lead mine, but lawsuits from upset pop stars continue. No Doubt, featured in Band Hero, still plans on taking Activision to trial, saying the publisher has illegitimately delayed the lawsuit and made insulting… » 8/05/12 4:56pm 8/05/12 4:56pm