Guild Wars 2 Reminds Him Why He Prefers Gaming on Consoles

Today's Speak Up on Kotaku doles out equal parts PC love and PC hate, as Mr. Gilder attempts to install and launch Guild Wars 2.It's Gilder Wars! » 8/29/12 5:30pm 8/29/12 5:30pm

Rift Lets Players Rift To Other Servers for Free

When the next major update for Trion World's massively-multiplayer online game Rift hits this summer, players and whole guilds will earn unlimited free weekly server transfers, taking all stats, items, currencies, and achievements with them. » 5/23/11 2:40pm 5/23/11 2:40pm

Felicia Day Teaches Us Proper Dragon Age Dagger Techniques

Felicia Day, star of the Internet series The Guild, will also be the star of Dragon Age: Redemption a web spin-off to the dark fantasy Dragon Age series that will debut this summer. » 2/17/11 3:00pm 2/17/11 3:00pm

Death In Guild Wars 2 Borrows A Page From Modern Warfare

The fact that your player keeps fighting after he or she dies in Guild Wars 2 is almost as shocking as the fact that the game has no dedicated healer class. ArenaNet's Jon Peters, Eric Flannum, and Isaiah Cartwright explain. » 7/08/10 1:00pm 7/08/10 1:00pm

Guild Wars 2 Warrior: Fueled By Adrenalin

The latest Guild Wars 2 class in the spotlight is the warrior, a master of weapons powered by adrenalin and suited for any situation, thanks to the game's newly-revealed traits system. » 6/09/10 4:30pm 6/09/10 4:30pm

Dungeon and Dragons Online Gets Airships, Crazy Carnival

Dungeon and Dragons Online's next update,Update 5: Rise of the Guilds, amplifies the guild experience for players by adding such elements as Guild Levels and Special Guild Trophies, even enticing players with an airship as a possible guild headquarters. The update also adds a Carnival of Shadow adventure pack which… » 6/03/10 12:15pm 6/03/10 12:15pm

How To Be A World Of Warcraft Guild Leader, Now In Convenient Book Form

If leading a large World of Warcraft guild seems like a fun way to spend your free time, then you should probably check out Scott F. Andrews' The Guild Leader's Handbook to see the hellish task it really is. » 5/08/10 2:00pm 5/08/10 2:00pm